Why Theatre?

Theatre students are sought after in all sectors of employment. The study of theatre uniquely prepares people to be communicators, team players, creators, and leaders.

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These are the educational outcomes of Theatre studies at Carroll College

  • Students will display an understanding of the social and artistic movements that have shaped theatre and the performing arts in the world today and throughout time.
  • Students will exhibit the ability to analyze and interpret texts and performances both in written and verbal critiques.
  • Students will display their knowledge of theatre and literature from a variety of cultures and time periods, from ancient to modern.
  • Students will exhibit the skills necessary for success in the performing arts as well as life. This includes specifically: collaboration, interpersonal communication, performance techniques, and problem solving skills. They will develop and apply theses skills and knowledge in the multiple settings of rehearsals, productions and classrooms. Students will also display effective and efficient knowledge of leadership and organizational practices in the performing arts.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in one or more theatre-specific skills: performing/acting, directing, design, stagecraft, arts management, or dramaturgy.