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A) Scholarships and Stipends

Artist Scholar Award - annual awards are given to theatre majors and minors, based on this criteria: 

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Declared major or minor in Theatre
  • Involvement in two productions during the previous year

Dorothy Harper Award - This is an annual award to a Theatre student for excellence beyond expectations to the Department.

Jake Shearer Award - This is an annual award given to a deserving student who is faithful to the department and has financial need. It is given in honor of Jake Shearer who died in 2003 of a rare genetic condition called Fanconi Anemia. Jake was a beloved Carroll student who was studying Computer Science and participating in theatre when he died.

Ed Noonan Scholarship - This is an annual award given to an incoming freshman theatre major. This is a competitive scholarship that is won by an admitted student who submits a video audition or portfolio review and interview. For information on how to apply for this award, please contact Kim Shire.

Selection is made by Theatre faculty in the Spring. Awards announced in April or May.

B) Student part-time employment through Work-study and Regular college funds. Available to any qualified student.

Carpenters - 10 hours/week avg. - assist in the construction and painting, of all college performing arts events. Perform all stagecraft duties as required. Qualifications: Stagecraft I or previous stagecraft experience in high school or community theatres.

Costumers - 10 hours/week avg. - assist in the construction and designing of costumes, makeup, and hair for all productions.

Electricians and Stage Managers - as needed - assist with rentals in the theatre.

Box Office/House Management - 30 hours/semester avg. - work box office for all productions, serve as house manager for all productions. Qualifications: Excellent customer service and cash handling skills.