Hunthausen Center for Peace & Justice

About the Center

The Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice provides service-learning and community service resources for the students, faculty, and staff of Carroll College. It also serves as a liaison with service agencies in Helena, MT. Its mission also includes promoting a greater awareness and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching.

Service Learning and Catholic Social Teaching

One of the principal academic functions of the Center is promote service-learning pedagogy as well as a better understanding of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and its applicability to the curriculum across disciplines. As a first step toward providing greater awareness of these two areas, this web site contains introductory materials about service learning and Catholic Social Teaching.  It also contain links to helpful service-learning web sites and a bibliography of resources available in the Carroll library. It is the Center's goal to enhance this information further with workshops on service-learning and CST that provide incentives and resources for faculty to integrate service-learning and/or the principles of CST into courses across the curriculum.

Student Service Learning

Embracing Community is a significant part of the role embraced as a new student. The Hunthausen Center provides a meaningful way for students to become engaged in the community of Helena as well as becoming an integral part of the Carroll community. Service-Learning allows students to bond with one another in a common cause to bring about positive change and work towards an admirable end. It allows them to be active learners within the majors and career choices they wish to explore as well.

Coordination of Resources

In addition to promoting service learning and Catholic Social Teaching, the Center acts as a clearinghouse of community service opportunities for Carroll College students, faculty, and staff.  It also supports the service initiatives of other departments such as Campus Ministry and Career Services as well as Carroll College student service clubs.

A Partner with the Helena Community

The Hunthausen Center for Peace and Justice is also a resource for Helena-area service agencies. If your agency has a volunteer need, communicate it to the Hunthausen Center at or 406-447-4338, and we will communicate to the Carroll College community through weekly e-mails.