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Discover your strengths and assess your interest and values. There are many ways to assess your values and interests. Career Assessments can help you find the words to describe yourself more effectively. The programs on this page can help you identify and articulate your interests and values. 

Choosing a major can be a complex process requiring students to have an understating of their interests, skills, abilities and their personal values, as well as an awareness of careers and industries. Some students select their major based on its relevance to a career while others select their major based on a personal interest in a subject matter. Both strategies can lead to very successful careers, because many occupations don’t have a specific major requirement. A degree, plus experience and skills, is what will help a student prepare for a career or for graduate school.

Connect academic majors with careers

You can view types of employers who hire for various occupations and strategies you can employ to maximize your opportunities.

Resources and Links

Montana Career Information System
Montana Career Information System provides comprehensive information on the following topics: Occupations, Career-Related Interests, Skills Assessment, Job Supply and Demand, & Salary Data. Additionally, it provides information on Graduate Schools,  Financial Aid, Programs of Study, Military Employment,  Self-Employment,  and much more!

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Virtual Card Sort for Careers
The Virtual Card Sort for Careers work importance locator can help you gather your interest to find suitable careers based on what your comfort zones are.

Check out over 500 job title specific videos from CareerOneStop.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook is a complied list of data and information about diffrent occupations based on research done within United States. To use this tool on their website, search for a occupation by typing in a desired occupation into the search bar on the upper right hand side. is a terrific site for researching careers, occupations, what you can do with certain majors, as well as researching colleges. The site also has some career assessment tools that you can take to help guide you with your career decisions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Discover the vocabulary to talk about your preferences and gain a better understanding of the types of people, environments and tasks that engage you.