Junior Senior Night

Off Campus
835 Great Northern Blvd., Helena, MT
Junior Senior Banquet

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Junior/Senior Banquet is an event to celebrate our seniors and pass the torch to our juniors.

The banquet will be a formal dinner with an option of steak, salmon, chicken cordon bleu. or a vegetarian option. A jazz band will play throughout the night and those over 21 will receive one drink from the beer and wine bar. Located at the Great Northern Hotel Ballroom.

Ticket Price: $25

Tickets are on sale from March 18 to April 5.

Your ticket will be waiting for you at the door.

Order of events:

   6:00 - 6:20: Pre-dinner social with drinks and Jazz Band
   6:20 - 6:30: Senior Speaker Presentation
   6:45 - 7:30: Dinner and Fun Table Events
   7:30 - 8:00: Post-dinner social

This banquet is for Carroll Juniors and Seniors only. Please get in touch with Patrick Harris for exceptions.  

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The Tradition of the Junior Senior Banquet

This is the night when we say “thank you” to all our Seniors for their time here at Carroll and for all they have done to make this college a special place.  It is also the night when the seniors pass the torch to the Juniors as they will become the oldest brothers and sisters of this Carroll family.  What is the meaning of this tradition?  What does it mean to “pass the torch”?  What is the promise made on this night?  Going back many years there has been a caring and compassionate promise made by the upperclassman. This night recognizes the fact that the Juniors and Seniors at Carroll are the big brothers and sisters in this Carroll family.  These promises make Carroll a special place:  

  • I will be loving and caring to my Carroll family.
  • I will respect the dignity of every individual and protect that dignity with my actions.
  • I will take action to assure no one is taken advantage of, or left in a harmful situation.
  • I am proud to be a Saint and I promise to care for my brothers and sisters.

Dinner Talk Points, a time to celebrate your time here at Carroll

  • Talk about the best time you had with friends
  • The funniest thing you ever saw happen
  • Funny stories
  • Classroom experiences
  • Craziest experience
  • Your memories at Carroll

Please do not arrive at the event intoxicated or under the influence as you will not be allowed into the event.  We will have the Helena police present to help us determine the situation. Have a fun and safe night!