Consumer Information

Consumer Information Directory

The Carroll College Consumer Information Directory is designed as a quick reference tool for school personnel, prospective students and their families, and other consumers.

Consumer Information Directory

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Policies, Disclosures, and Reports

Paper copies of reports are available upon request by contacting the Financial Aid Office at  Paper copies of the Student Handbook are available upon request from the Saint Success Center Office. Paper copies of the Catalog are available upon request from the Registrar's Office. 

Complaint Process

As prescribed by the Department of Education, current and prospective students of Carroll College are encouraged to first address complaints through the applicable institution’s complaint or review procedures.

At Carroll College, the following procedures are in place:

For general complaints, course complaints, or assignment grade disputes, refer to the Student Complaint Procedures in the student handbook.For concerns about safety, report an incident or concern.For concerns about discrimination or protected-class harassment, report an incident or concern.For concerns about privacy of student records, refer to the FERPA policy in the catalog.

Complaints that remain unresolved after engaging in the above-referenced processes may be further pursued in the following manners: