International Relations

International Relations


What allows some countries to trade or cooperate while others fight? How do international organizations help or hinder as we tackle global issues like pollution, disease, or technological change? To answer such questions we provide students with a wide range of knowledge and skills – from fields including history, languages, economics and politics.

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About the Program

At Carroll, International Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary program that draws together insights from many academic fields. IR students learn to connect issues in theory, and they also go out to build connections through study abroad and internship programs. Our success in training students who go on to work as foreign service officers speaks to the strength of the program. Our interdisciplinary approach exemplifies the benefits of the liberal arts model of a broad education. In studying some of the biggest issues facing humanity, we also challenge students to connect academic insights with questions of ultimate values, and to put these values into practice by learning with and from diverse others.

What to Expect
Carroll’s International Relations program is designed to provide students with the training necessary to pursue careers in international business, government, law, teaching, and other related fields. Through this interdisciplinary program students gain the knowledge and skills to understand and improve our interconnected world. We encourage and help students take advantage of chances to study or intern abroad.

“It would not have been possible without Carroll. I stay closely connected to some professors in our Carroll community, and Dr. Street (associate professor of political science) and Dr. Hallows (associate professor of Spanish) supported me in this rigorous application process while I was all the way on the other side of the country. I cannot thank them enough, and I’m so thankful for our Carroll community that helped me get this far.”

Cierra Powell Carroll Class of 2018; Pennsylvania State University Class of 2023 - Masters of International Affairs; (As of Summer 2023) U.S. Department of State as a Political Officer.

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Experiential learning

Our students experience hands-on learning by participating in projects like International Negotiations Simulation, Study Abroad, internships with international organizations. Recent projects have included work with the US State Department, the Carter Center, refugee resettlement agencies, several international universities, and the Middle East Institute.

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Life After Graduation

International Relations is one of the hottest fields for young people emerging into the job market. Now more than ever, the global economy and international peace are critical to everyone’s life, and a degree in IR from Carroll will usher you into a career where you can be involved with such vital issues as globalization, diplomacy, international conflict, and human rights.

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