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Carroll’s Computer Science program provides two main tracks to provide a solid foundation for students whose goals span a wide range of disciplines within the rapidly changing field of computer technologies, the Computer Science (CS) Major and Computer Information Systems (CIS) Major. Our hands-on approach is second to none.

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About the Program

A personalized learning experience.

Carroll’s CS and CIS programs not only offer a very personalized learning experience, but it also offers a very authentic real-world learning experience. Students learn by doing projects that are based on real-life applications. In addition, CS students may take a CS Internship which gives them the on-the-job experience that reinforces and applies what they have learned in the classroom and gives them a competitive advantage in the job market. Regarding Internships Carroll’s CS program has an advantage. Since Carroll College is located in Helena Montana, the state capital, there are typically more internships available in state and federal government as well as the private sector than we can fill.

An integrated learning experience.

The Mathematics, Data Sciences, Computer Science (CS), and Computer Information Systems (CIS) programs are tightly connected. As such, it makes it easy for many students to either double-major or add a minor to a major. Common combinations are double majors in CS and Math or majoring in CS with a minor in Data Sciences or CIS. The CS and CIS programs at Carroll also allow students to customize their learning in several ways. Students can focus on application development, systems engineering, database design and management, data mining, and business technology. Whatever the technology area of choice, our program also integrates the liberal arts as students prepare for graduate school or the workforce.

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