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APFT Standards

All Cadets must pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) to contract and remain in the program.  While the Army is currently reevaluating the APFT platform and changes to the test will be made in the near future,  Cadets must continue to meet the standards of the current APFT.

ROTC Students in the ClassroomA Day in the Life

“The day starts off right with PT (Physical Training). The cadets gather together at the HAC or a local track to complete the Army Physical Readiness Training Program which focuses on overall soldier health. Once a month, the cadets complete a diagnostic APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) and once a semester, the cadets must pass a record APFT in order to keep their scholarships.  The APFT consists of a push-up event and sit-up event (2 minutes for each) and a 2-mile run. Cadets must meet, but preferably surpass, the minimum.

Hitting the Books

After PT, it's time to hit the books (after showers and breakfast, of course.) Cadets keep their individual schedules - going to class and labs. Cadets major in the subject of their choice. Carroll ROTC has had Cadets major in History, Political Science, Elementary Education, Biology, Business Administration, and Chemistry among others.

Students also participate in internships, which depending on the major, are sometimes required. ROTC Cadets have interned with emergency preparedness agencies, law offices, and local hospitals. 

Cadet Lab Time
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Our faculty and staff

Carroll Cadets 300 Club

Carroll is a small campus where everyone knows everyone. The Carroll Cadets cannot help being a tight group. They work out together, study together, train together, and hang out together. Our Cadets are not only developing leaderships skills that will benefit their careers but lifelong friends and relationships.

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ROTC students learn vital skills such as land navigation, squad tactics, and effective communication and leadership skills that will help them as Second Lieutenants.

Labs are conducted in the classroom or in the field. Carroll Cadets are fortunate to have access to the beautiful great outdoors that surround Helena, and labs in the field are often conducted on Helena National Forest land.