Imperatives & Goals

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Mission-Centered Values

Carroll College provides a learning and living environment where faith, reason, and free inquiry aid the search
for truth in order to cultivate enlightenment, a professional calling, spiritual inquiry, and a commitment to
the common good. As such, it affirms the following values derived from its mission.
1. We are on a journey of discovery for the purpose of vocation and enlightenment
2. We cultivate habits of exploring the world more deeply and with ongoing curiosity
3. We explore ethical questions that bring purpose to education
4. We seek truth in all intellectual pursuits without fear or prejudice
5. We affirm that faith and reason are complementary in the search for truth and intrinsic to a Catholic
6. We are rooted in an ongoing tradition of those who have modeled a culture of critical inquiry and authentic
7. We journey toward justice with those we serve in compassion and mercy
8. We work together for the greater good of our communities
9. We engage many perspectives, including those outside our own, with empathy and generosity
10. We share a common pilgrimage with members of all religious faiths and all persons of goodwill

Strategic Imperatives

The goals of this plan are organized into high level imperatives, strategic goals, and more specific objectives. Each imperative is rooted in our Diocesan liberal arts model of education for the whole person. These imperatives define those areas which need the most focus to help us fulfill the Carroll College mission in the coming years. Several objectives fit under each imperative; progress towards the objectives will be assessed by the progress of specific actions and key metrics. These goals will be the philanthropic foci of Carroll College as we execute our Strategic Plan.

Imperative 1 - Define, Enhance, and Communicate the Carroll Experience

Strategic Goal - Craft and launch a new endeavor that will define what makes Carroll distinct, communicate our brand, provide deliberate programming for every student, and demonstrate the Carroll Experience to the world.

Imperative 2 -Enhance our Academic Profile

Strategic Goal - Grow programs in healthcare and other high demand fields while also innovating in liberal arts programs where the college has particular strength.

Imperative 3 - Expand our Reach

Strategic Goal - Increase access and diversity by removing barriers, creating a culture that allows for all students to flourish, and fulfilling our Mission through intentional outreach and support for social groups that historically have had limited access to education.

Imperative 4 - Embrace our Catholic Values

Strategic Goal - Carry out the Catholic Church’s vision for higher education with purpose that fosters transformative encounters and integrates academic experiences with co-curricular opportunities, thus preparing our students to address the spiritual, social, and environmental issues of our time.

Imperative 5 - Support our People

Strategic Goal - Support Carroll’s future and impact in the world by leveraging a spirit of stewardship
and sustainability. Invest resources in people, planning for innovation, and making
connections among alumni, employees, community partners, and students.