Accountability & Implementation

Strategic Action Plan

Accountability and Implementation

Carroll College will measure, track, and report our efforts related to the realization of this plan. These goals and imperatives are paramount to the vitality and success of Carroll College. Therefore, the Board of Trustees will annually review the metrics and initiatives to ensure that the necessary progress is being made. The President and his leadership team will continuously monitor the implementation of the plan. Each area of the College will align planning efforts to drive achievement and completion of the imperatives and objectives. Each Strategic Imperative will be overseen by an implementation team that will be responsible for prioritizing actions and driving results. The annual performance and goal review for staff, faculty, and administration shall include how each employee of the campus is working towards fulfilling the Strategic Plan.
Carroll College will continually evaluate its position as a higher education leader in both the Pacific Northwest and in the Northern Rockies and to ensure a focus on supporting the people who serve the college and our mission. This includes continuously monitoring the progress of this plan, re-assessing goals within the College community and our wider community to ensure Carroll remains a college of distinction and continues as one of the preeminent leaders in higher education in the Western United States.

The successful execution of this plan, and the launch of the Carroll Experience initiative, will have a positive impact on the lives of our students and Carroll community. Students will be retained at a higher rate, be exposed to more meaningful experiences, and ultimately graduate on time. Carroll will experience an enrollment increase of 270 students by Fall 2027 through our commitment to excellence, academic innovation and renewed efforts to a wider reach. Employees will experience support by the college for their efforts in serving our students. Financial sustainability will be achieved through diversifying our revenue streams and enhanced fundraising. Carroll College will gain the philanthropic support needed to execute this plan.

As we move forward with our Plan, strategic financing will guide the College’s budgeting and decision-making processes. Our diligence in planning and allocating resources will ensure that we can sustain financial support of key initiatives for the duration of the Strategic Plan.