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Advertise my Event or Announcement

For events that do not require a major project, you can fill out our event/announcement request form. In order for an event or announcement to be advertised, it must be sponsored by an official Carroll College department, organization, or club. Carroll College will not advertise events that are unattached to Student Life, an academic department, or other recognized entities.

See the step-by-step process | Fill out the request form

Creative Brief

In order to better track large projects and work efficiently, we ask that all projects start with a Creative Brief. The Creative Brief should be used each time that you wish to promote an event or college program and is the first step to obtaining a brochure, postcard, web presence, as well as social media promotion or press releases. By gathering the information in this Creative Brief, we will be able to determine what tools to use to promote the program and be able to work with you efficiently and effectively to meet your goals and the goals of the institution.

Other marketing services

  • Business cards and stationary: Order from Alpha Graphics. Contact Suzanne Trainor for assistance.
  • Name Tags: Order from Name Tag Country. Use the Carroll College template in place to easily order name tags by creating a Carroll department account on the site. Our template creates a 1¼ x 3¼ metal name tag - shiny gold with epoxy and a magnet fastener.
    1. Create an account or login with account information (Note: You will not see the rest of the steps without doing this first.)
    2. On the left side of the My Account page, select Design Search and enter Carroll College to get to our template.
    3. Follow through the steps until Add Item – then add the appropriate name, title, Carroll College – in the three rows.
    4. Enter payment information and check out.
  • Room Signs
  • Web updates: For updates to your current website or to learn how to establish and edit your web presence, email Jeff Wald at
  • Calendar Events and Digital Signage
  • For additional items or questions: Email

Carroll Marketing Content Resources

If you need just the right words to talk about Carroll, or if you are wondering what the correct logo, colors or fonts are to use in a publication, then the Carroll Style Guide is the place to start. This guide will assist you with effectively communicating Carroll College’s identity in words and images. It is intended for use by students, faculty, staff, the media and anyone who needs to represent Carroll College.

You will find information and links to understanding Carroll's brand and visual identity, how to use Carroll logos, write for the web, develop promotional items, locate resources for pre-designed templates, tell the Carroll story, and how to find just the right photo or image.

Being Social

Social media sites such as FacebookInstagramLinkedInTikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, are all great tools to share information and connect to people who may be interested in your program or activity. It is important to refer to Carroll's Social Media Guidelines (updated guidelines coming soon). These will help set you on the right course as you begin your social media journey and provide tools to make your site successful.

Very important: 

Always contact the Digital Marketing Manager before creating a new Carroll social media site.

Principles for Public Events

External Speakers

Carroll College is committed to providing an academic environment in which faculty and students are encouraged to seek the truth, develop critical thinking, and make responsible decisions. To achieve these objectives, members of the college community must be free to engage the full range of views on a variety of subjects. In its commitment to dialogue with culture and society, academic departments and faculty organizations may invite speakers or organizations to campus that hold ideas or opinions that may differ with Catholic teaching or otherwise be considered controversial. In extending such invitations, members of the college community have an obligation to respect the special aims and objectives of Carroll College as described in its mission statement and ensure that multiple viewpoints are heard, a balance of viewpoints is sought, and the Catholic intellectual tradition is represented with clarity and conviction.

For guidelines on how to apply these principles, how to make speaker arrangements, when you should consult others on campus, and a statement when providing a speaker disclaimer at your event, please refer to the External Speaker Policy.  

Political Activities

When planning an event or planning on speaking at an event where you are representing Carroll College, you must adhere to Carroll's Policy on Political Activities. As a 501(c)(3) institution, we are not allowed to take a political stance. This policy will guide you as you are setting up your event or determining your talking points. This policy can also be found in the Student Handbook and applies to all students, faculty, and staff.

Very important: Always contact the Director of Public Relations before finalizing speakers or with any questions about this policy.

Films and Public Showings

If you are showing a film on campus, follow all requirements found in the Film Policy to ensure you are following all copyright laws. The obtain permission to show a film, go to and search for the film you want to show to request a quote.