Start to Finish Checklist

Getting Started

Congratulations on your decision to learn abroad! It is your responsibility to complete the necessary paperwork for Carroll College AND the exchange or affiliate program for which you are applying.

The following checklist will guide you as you prepare for this life changing experience. Be sure to follow through on each task in a timely manner.

1. Carroll College Learning Abroad Application

  • Deadline for Spring programs:
    • October 1
    • September 15 for all ISEP programs
  • Deadline for Summer, Fall & academic year programs
    • March 1
    • February 1 for all ISEP programs
  • Deadlines for faculty-led, volunteer and other programs vary

2. Research 

  • Make an appointment with Shannon Ackeret in the Global Learning Office – Borromeo Hall 110.
  • Research programs on the Search and Apply website.
  • If you do not have a passport, apply at once! Processing can take 8-10 weeks. Passport information is available online.
  • If you already have a passport make sure it is good for at least 6 months from your date of return.
  • Research the visa application process by searching the embassy for the country where you will be studying.
  • Additional resources are available at the U.S. Department of State website.
  • You may have to travel to the consulate to secure your visa.
  • Consider the cost of your program and how you plan to fund your experience. See expense estimator  below.
  • Meet with your advisor(s) to determine your 4-year plan, identify potential courses to be taken abroad, and to determine which term is best for you to study away from campus.

Types of Programs

  1. Carroll Exchange
    Student pays Carroll tuition and fees. Housing & meals are paid in the host country. Merit aid and federal financial aid apply.
  2. ISEP Exchange
    • Student pays Carroll tuition, fees, St. Charles/double and "Silver" meal plan. Merit aid and federal financial aid apply.
    • ISEP charges $100 to apply and $425 once a student has been accepted into a host school. 
    • Insurance is paid directly to ISEP for approximately $75 per month.
    • Available at more than 150 universities in 56 countries.
    • Carroll College student who applies for a non-affiliate semester program will incur a $350 administrative fee.
  3. Carroll College Summer
    Student pays CC the program fee. Federal aid applies. Carroll College student who apply for a non-affiliate summer program will incur a $350 administrative fee.
    • Carroll College in England, Magdalene College Cambridge: 4 weeks
    • Carroll College in England, Exeter College Oxford:  6 weeks
    • Carroll College in France, CIDEF (Language immersion): 1 month
    • Carroll College in Italy through Siena Italian Studies: (8 week)
    • Carroll College in Ireland, NUI – Galway: Summer or Semester Exchange
    • Carroll College in Meknes, Morocco with ISA: Summer or Semester

3. Apply for Scholarships

4. Apply to Program

  • Apply online using the Search and Apply website. Be sure to complete each item on the application, which includes the financial aid application, academic plan, FERPA release, emergency contact information, questionnaire and more. For more information, watch our How to Search and Apply for International Programs tutorial.
  • Once you have completed the initial profile and your application has been "accepted", please make an appointment with Shannon Ackeret to get instructions on how to apply to the chosen exchange or affiliate program.
  • Estimated Education Abroad Expenses include:
    • Application fee
    • Deposit
    • Tuition
    • Room and board
    • Insurance
    • Transportation (airfare, bus, train, in-country)
    • Books and supplies
    • Personal expenses
    • Passport and VISA fees
    • Immunizations
    • Other

5. Before you Leave

  • Secure Insurance
    Medical insurance is required for any education abroad experience.  ISEP requires students to purchase their insurance for approximately $75 per month and is paid at the time of acceptance.   All affiliate program fees (except SIS) include medical insurance.  Students will purchase insurance through the GLO for any other program where insurance is not included for approximately $65 per month.
  • Attend Mandatory Pre-Departure Session
    Held towards the end of each semester: Watch your Carroll email for an invite!
  • Attend Mandatory Cross Cultural Workshop
    Held towards the end of each semester: Watch your Carroll email for an invite!
  • Journal
    Write about how your expectations, worries, goals etc.

6. While Away

  • Complete the verification form
    Within the first 2 weeks of school, students are required to complete the verification form, scan and email to the GLO.
  • Register for classes
    Make arrangements for class registration for the semester following your abroad experience.
  • Register for housing and meal plans
    Make arrangements for housing and meals plan, if applicable, for when you return to Carroll.
  • Journal
    Write about your courses, the people you encounter, your homestay, dorm room, food etc.  Are you meeting your goals?  How are you feeling?  What can you do if you are feeling blue or lonely? You can find reflection prompts at the Carroll College Global Education Moodle site.
  • Complete the exit form
    At the end of the semester, prior to returning to the states, students are required to complete the exit form, scan and email to the GLO.

7. When you return

  • Attend Mandatory Re-Entry Session
    Held at the beginning of each semester. Watch your Carroll email for an invite!
  • Reflect
    In what ways did you change from this experience? Are you able to articulate the skills you acquired by participating in this program? How will you continue to grow and learn as you did abroad? What can you do to share your story with other?

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