Ministry Internship Program

What Is the Ministry Internship Program?

"Go out into the Deep!" That was Pope John Paul II's dictum to all within the Church. The Carroll College Theology Department has heard that message and is now sending our students into the Diocese of Helena and beyond. We do so through our newly added Emphasis in Ministry, available through both the theology major and minor, and open to all persons of good will, Protestant or Catholic, lay or pre-seminarian. 

The ministry emphasis for both the major and minor will use 6 elective credits and include:

  • 1-credit Discerning Ministerial Vocation course (TH 371) taken spring semester of the student's sophomore or junior year. The course includes site-visits to various ministerial settings, practice in the Examen prayer, and an introduction to basic identity concepts in ministry.
  • 3-credit Ministry Intership (TH 425) spread throughout both semesters of the student's junior or senior year. This internship gains the student credit through Career Services and will abide by all the standards outlined there.
  • 2-credit Ministry in Action course (TH 471) taken the fall semester of the same year the student enrols into the Ministry Internship. This cohort-style course will offer internship students a in-built support group for any issues they may run into within their internships as well as a more in-depth study of identity within ministry.

For those interested in this ministry option, come talk to anyone in the Theology Department or just get one setup with Dr. Hall. The best case scenario is for students to get through the minstry curriculum by their junior year as they will then have the chance to apply for Vision and Call Fellowships, which include a paid internship and a capstone experience.

Where Are We Placing Our Interns?

We Currently Have Interns at:

  • Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church
  • St. Mary Catholic Community
  • Saint Helena Cathedral
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius

We Plan Soon to Have Interns at:

  • Campus Ministry at Carroll
  • Our Lady of the Angels Mission (Chicago)
  • Saint Peter’s Hospital
  • Clinical psychologist in Helena 

We Plan to Pursue Connections with:

  • Headwaters Church
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Montana Catholic Conference
  • Options
  • Anywhere else you might be intertested in interning

What is the process?

  • Declare a theolgy major or minor
  • Register for and complete TH 371, Discerning Ministries, the spring semester of the appropriate year.
  • Get setup with an Internship site
  • Develop a set of goals and objectives with your site advisor
  • Create an Internship Proposal
  • Register your internshipand register for TH 471, Ministry in Action
  • Get evaluated