The Pre-Chiropractic Pathway, taken in conjunction with a major area of study at Carroll College, prepares students to apply to graduate programs in chiropractic care, a field that focuses on relieving pain and improving physical function. The pre-chiropractic pathway provides a well-rounded combination of courses from multiple disciplines, giving students the foundation they need to become analytical, compassionate, and knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

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About the Program

Many students interested in the Pre-Chiropractic pathway choose to major in either health sciences, biology or chemistry, but can choose any major that appeals to them. Pre-chiropractic students take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. Pre-Chiropractic students also cover such areas as sociology and psychology. For certain students, a three-year curriculum may be possible.

Graduates of Carroll who have followed this pathway achieve amazing things and are accepted into some of the finest graduate programs in the region, and the country. Recent pre-chiropractic students have been accepted into their respective graduate programs at the University of Washington, Mayo Medical School, Georgetown University, University of Colorado, University of Iowa, and Penn State University, among others.

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