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Fall 2023 CATH175 - Mary in Scripture and Tradition

About the Course: CATH 175 is a one-credit introduction to Catholic Studies. The course explores the features of Catholicism in an interdisciplinary and integrative manner. It is for students considering a major or minor in Catholic Studies; however, it may be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about Catholicism.

Seven Sessions, One Credit (Mondays 5:15-6:30 pm)

Fall 2023 theme: “Mary in Scripture and Tradition.” Our aim is to contemplate together the mystery of Mary from within the Church’s heritage and to study some significant features of her place in Scripture and Tradition.

“What the Catholic faith believes about Mary is based on what it believes about Christ, and what it teaches about Mary illumines in turn its faith in Christ.” (CCC 487)

Engage speakers and peers in discussion. Ask your questions to Bishop Vetter (Bishop of the Diocese of Helena). Get to know the Catholic Studies community over dinners and discussions.

Monday evenings 5:15-6:30 pm

September 25th (O’Connell 102) 
Introduction to Catholic Studies 
Introduction to the Course: “Mary in Scripture and Tradition”

October 2nd (O’Connell 102) 
Fr. Christopher Lebsock, “Mary in the Old Testament”

October 9th (Chapel) 
Fr. Marc Lenneman, Rector of the Cathedral, “The Immaculate Conception”

October 23rd (Chapel) 
Dr. John Sehorn, Associate Professor of Theology, Augustine Institute, “Mary in the Gospel of Luke”

October 30th (Chapel) 
Q&A with Bishop Vetter, Bishop of the Diocese of Helena

November 6th (O’Connell 102) 
Dr. Jeanette Fregulia, “Faithful and Fierce, the Mary of History and Devotion”

November 13th (O’Connell 102) 
Dr. Eric Hall, “Mary as True Philosopher”

Past Events

  • In conjunction with this years CATH175 course, we announce the following events.  The topic of CATH175 for 2022 is "The Eucharist Makes the Church!" CATH175 meets Monday nights, 5:00-6:30, from September 26 to November 14. Of special interest are the following nights:
    • OCTOBER 24: Visiting Speaker. Dr. Christopher Mooney, of the Augustine Institute (Denver Colorado). 5:00 in the Chapel!

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CATH 175: Catholic Thought and Culture

M 500-630; Dr. Hemphill (begins Sept 27-Nov 15)

On Corpus Christi Sunday (June 19, 2022), the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commenced the National Eucharistic Revival—a mission “to restore understanding and devotion” to the mystery of Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist. In light of this, our subject for Fall 2022 is “the Eucharist makes the Church.” The aim is to contemplate together the mystery of Christ in the Eucharist from within the Church’s heritage and in particular to study how a few significant thinkers in the history of the Church articulate the Eucharist as essential to what the Church is and does.

CATH 201: Faith and Reason 
M 630-900; Fr. Lebsock

In this course, we will discuss the mutual relationship between faith and reason. In order to know God and love him in an intimate spiritual relationship, as well as to know the meaning of one’s life and what it is to be human, both faith and reason are indispensable gifts given to us by God. The Church, throughout her history, strives to know Jesus Christ, her Head through the use of faith and reason. The Magisterium protects and delivers the Deposit of Faith handed down by Jesus and the Apostles. Theology and the lived Christian life seek to pierce the mysteries presented by the Deposit of Faith and attain more profound depths of understanding. We will examine Christian anthropology and how faith and reason work together within the human person. Looking into the writings of the Saints, we will see some of the Church’s vigorous use of faith and reason. Further, we will discuss modern and postmodern obstacles raised against the legitimacy and compatibility of faith and reason. Students should leave confident in their ability to know Jesus Christ, to more deeply understand his Church and his Gospel, to defend the Faith, and to grow in holiness through the use of faith and reason.

CATH 306 Lives of the Saints: Saint Thomas Aquinas 
F 1:00-3:30; Dr. Hemphill

Lives of the Saints (CATH 306) continues the exploration of human goodness begun in Catholic 
Anthropology (CATH 206) through the study of lives of the saints. The lives of the saints present 
extraordinary examples of Christian life lived out in goodness and beauty, often in the face of personal and 
social challenges of their culture and time. This iteration of the course is devoted to the life and writings of 
Saint Thomas Aquinas. The course will consider his life and his intellectual and cultural significance in the 
history and life of the Catholic Church.