Anthrozoology Transfer Pathway

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How to transfer into the anthrozoology program

If you are thinking about transferring into Carroll’s anthrozoology program, consider transferring after your first year in college so you can complete your degree in four years. It takes three years to complete the course requirements for the major due to the sequencing of the required courses.

All students need a minimum of 122 semester credits to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Carroll. The maximum number of lower division credits you can transfer to Carroll is 60 semester credits/90 quarter credits.

Suggested Prerequisites (Carroll course equivalents in parentheses)

  • Human Biology (BI 102) with a lab component. Must include cellular function and anatomy/physiology.
  • OR Biological Principles I (BI 171) with a lab component (pre-professional track*)
  • OR Human Anatomy & Physiology (BI 201) with a lab component

*Pre-Professional = Pre-Vet, Pre-PT, Pre-OT. Pre-professional students in other disciplines, such as psychology, should contact the appropriate Carroll College department for information.

  • Introduction to Statistics (MA 207)
  • OR Probability and Statistics (MA 315) (suggested for pre-vet students)

  • General Psychology / Intro to Psychology (PSY 105)
  • OR Intro to Sociology (SO 101)
  • Learning and Cognition (PSY 202) - prerequisite for canine training

  • Any business course

  • English composition with a research component (ENWR 102)
  • Any history course
  • Any fine arts course
  • Basic / Intro to communication (CO 101)
  • Any philosophy course

If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree or a transferable associate degree, you will have fulfilled all of our core requirements except for Introduction to Theology (TH 101) and one philosophy course. If you have already completed a philosophy course as part of your bachelor’s or associate degree, you only need to take TH 101 to fulfill all of Carroll’s core requirements.

  • Biological Principles II (BI 172)
  • Revised November 2017-Based on the 2017-18 catalog
  • General Chemistry I and II (CH 101-102)
  • Physics I (PHYS 201)
  • Biochemistry (CH 353)
  • Organic Chemistry (CH 301)
  • Pre-calculus (MA 112) or Calculus (MA 121)
  • Genetics (BI 281)

Suggested first-year courses


  • Biology
  • Math
  • Social Science
  • English Composition
  • Basic/Intro to Communication


  • Business
  • History
  • Fine Art
  • Philosophy
  • Elective

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