What Is An Internship?

  • An academic relationship between the student, faculty supervisor, internship coordinator, and the employer. 
  • An opportunity for the student to augment coursework with on-the-job assignments related to her/his academic interests.
  • An experience in which the student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what she/he is learning throughout the experience. 
  • An internship may be a single-semester experience, or it may continue for longer than one semester; it may be paid or unpaid, and is taken for academic credit or for experience.
  • Understanding that employers have needs that arise throughout the year, internships can be started at any point in the semester; however, it must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration.  Credit ratios are as follows:  1 credit = 42 contact hours-internships are typically 1-3 credits. 

Create Your Own Internship

Don't see what you are looking for in our internship postings?  We have many contacts in a variety of industries. It is possible to create your own internship based on your interests by contacting employers directly.  We can help you with the search process.  Make an appointment today!

To discuss internship opportunities, please contact Career Services. Log-In to Handshake to see a list of current internships and job opportunities.

Why Get Credit?

Different students have different reasons.  Maybe you are looking to have a unique experience, or want to build your resume, or learn a new skill.  It might be required in your major! Maybe you need more elective credit and want to explore a career opportunity.  Perhaps you have a job that relates to your major; why not get credit for it?

What Makes an Internship Academic?

Students have the option of pursuing academic credit for an internship.  What is the difference between doing an internship and getting academic credit for an internship? 

An internship experience can offer the benefit of career exploration and be an excellent resume builder, but it is important to remember that academic credit is awarded for both the work experience and meeting your learning objectives.  The purpose of an academic internship is to better understand the theories, ideas, and practices of your discipline or major by actively engaging in a "hands-on", work-based, learning experience.  Through an Internship Proposal, you will define your job duties and develop measurable learning goals. 

How do I register?

Unlike a regular class, you will not be able to register through MyCarroll.  Internship applications are submitted into the online system, Handshake

Before you can submit your application, you will need to create an Internship Proposal.  Each internship will have unique elements and academic assignments.  Your Internship Proposal will need to be approved by your Site Supervisor and Faculty Internship Advisor through Handshake. All information should be verified and understood by your Site Supervisor and Faculty Internship Advisor prior to submission.

What is a Faculty Internship Advisor, and how do I get one? Credit for internships is granted through an academic department. Basically, in order to receive credit, your internship must relate to your academic major or minor. The faculty advisor serves as a mentor for you and assists you with developing an Internship Proposal. Each department has an assigned internship advisor – it may not be the same as your academic advisor.

I am ready to register my internship for Academic Credit

Now What?

First - talk with your Faculty Internship Advisor. They will help you determine credit, grade requirements, internship course number, and other important information.

Next - read through the student instructions and learn how to register and familiarize yourself with academic requirements.

How to Register for
Academic Credit

Once your Online Approval Form is complete:

  • Your site supervisor and faculty internship advisor (the Faculty Internship Advisor may be different than your Academic Advisor) will receive an email from us prompting them to approve your learning agreement.
  • You will be registered for credit (if credit is being given)
  • An electronic evaluation form may be sent to you and your work supervisor at the end of the internship.

Please contact Career Services with any questions by phone at 406.447.5532 or email at

How many credits can I register for?

It depends. Each internship will be unique. Internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks, or they can be for the whole semester. Here is the formula for determining credits, based on a 14-week semester/internship.

Credits per workweek
1 Credit=42/hrs of work (3 hrs week)
2 Credits=84/hrs of work (6 hrs week)
3 credits=126 hrs of work (10 hrs week)

When do I register? Register the semester before (just like you do now!).  Internships can sometimes take several months to establish – so start early!

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