Emergency Information

Campus Emergency Plan

Current Status: Safety Alert (Green) - An informational level alert that will be non-emergency in nature. The College will send these notices out periodically to be able to familiarize everyone with the system as well as dispensing important information to all.


At the time of an incident, emergency, or disaster, Carroll College employees and students should know what type of response is expected and what their role is in carrying out the Campus Emergency Plan. All employees and students should be familiar with evacuation, shelter-in-place and lockdown procedures in order to safeguard the safety of college employees, students and guests.

To prepare the campus, Carroll College will conduct training and/or evacuation drills, shelter-in-place drills and lockdown drills in every building on campus at least once per year. The Helena Fire Department will be notified and asked to participate in the drills. They will help evaluate the effectiveness of our plan. The drills may be conducted without notice.

All employees, students and guests are expected to leave the building immediately any time the fire alarm sounds or they are notified in person, by phone, by email or by web posting that they are to evacuate the building. There are no exceptions. Occupants of the building will move to the designated assembly location for the building. Report any missing individuals to the Building Action Team Coordinator.

When you call 911, please identify the street address for the campus building in need of assistance.

Emergency Notification System

Carroll College has implemented CC Alert, a comprehensive emergency notification system, to communicate with students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. Sign up for emergency notifications.

Helena Police Notifications

You can receive emergency notifications to your cell phone from the City of Helena Police Department. Most people may recognize emergency notification systems by the brand name of "Reverse 9-1-1", but the principle is the same: it is a system that enables us to send high speed telephone calls to hundreds or thousands of Helena and Lewis and Clark County citizens with vital public safety information, or requesting assistance in an emergency.