Brad profile pictureBio: I grew up in Colorado and fell in love with the mountains during adventures with my family and friends. I graduated from Carroll College in 2012 and after brief stints as an Environmental Consultant and then with the National Outdoor Leadership School, I became the Director of the Carroll Adventure and Mountaineering Program in 2014. I absolutely love my job as the Director of Campus Recreation. The best part is getting to work with the students and watch them grow over the ~4 years I get to work with them. In my free time you can find me outside with my wife (Sarah Maddock) and 2 kids (Will, Wes) at the local ski area bunny hill or eating goldfish at our local sport climbing crags.

Interests: Climbing, Backcountry Skiing, Mountain Biking, and Rafting are my favorites but I dribble!

Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: By far my favorite memories always come from the CAMP Spring Break Trips. I love watching students bond, develop as leaders, have discussions about big things, and push themselves outside of their comfort zones during outdoor activities.

Luke profile photoMajor: Psychology

Bio: I am from Castle Rock, CO.  In my time at Carroll, I have developed a love for sharing the outdoors with people. I came to Carroll to fly fish and catch hogs but I am leaving Carroll with a passion for teaching people how to fly fish. Being involved in creating opportunities for students to enjoy the nature around them has been amazing! 
Interests: Fishing, Fly Tying, Backpacking, Peak Bagging, Whitewater Kayaking, XC Skiing, Camping. 
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Hard to decide! Canoeing down the Green River in Utah, Backpacking the Beaten Path near Red Lodge, WhiteWater rafting down the Clark Fork, floating down the Missouri and Blackfoot, and XC skiing Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman. Too many good memories!

Nate profile pictureMajor: Civil Engineering 
Bio: I grew up in Arvada Colorado in the front range where I fell in love with mountain biking and skiing. I went so far as to become a bicycle mechanic, but now as a college student I am finding even more ways to have fun outside including climbing and fishing.
Interests: Mountain biking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, rock climbing, fly fishing, Backpacking
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory:  Backpacking the Beaten Path in the Beartooth Mountains is by far the best. So many alpine lakes to swim in and cool rocks to look at. I’ve done it twice and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Liam profile pictureMajor: Biology, with a minor in chemistry
Bio: I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington where I grew up recreating in the great pacific northwest. During the winters, I indulge in plenty of skiing and climbing. In the summers I work at a summer camp and occasionally climb on big rocks. You can most often find me at the HAC rock wall jamming out to music and loving life! 
Interests: Climbing (all types), Skiing, Hiking, and Camping
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Sledding down Guad hill in the river rafts!

Emma profile pictureMajors: Elementary Education and Special Education
Bio: Growing up in Boise, Idaho I was introduced to a love for the outdoors at a young age. I was lucky enough to have a stellar father who taught me everything I know from skiing to mountain biking to my sweet soccer skills. I love being outdoors and exploring everything that Montana has to offer. I am always down for an adventure and for meeting new friends!!! :) 
Interests: Backpacking, Skiing, Hiking, Mtn Biking, Running, sometimes fishing, and painting!

Greyson profile pictureMajors: Philosophy and History 
Bio: Born in Seattle, raised in Spokane, PNWer minus the hipster. I love recreating in God’s creation and Montana is one of the best places to do it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this love with others through CAMP! I also love good stories and deep thinking so if you’re on the trail with me get ready for some good conversation!
Interests: Downhill skiing, running, rock climbing, hiking, soccer, XC skiing, backpacking, reading, Jesus
Favorite CAMP memory: XC skiing on Mac pass my sophomore year on a peaceful, 20-degree evening with heavy snowfall, no wind, good friends, and even a few stars in the sky.

Miriam profile pictureMajor(s): Anthrozoology and Biology, Chemistry minor on the Pre-Vet track 
Bio: I was born and raised in beautiful Centennial, Colorado and the outdoors have always been an integral part of my life. It is such an honor to be able to share my enthusiasm for the outdoors with the Carroll community and help students discover newfound passions too! When I don’t have my nose in a book, you can usually find me shredding the slopes or down at the Mo’ in hopes of landing some trout! :) In addition to my love of the outdoors, I have a heart for all creatures great and small! Can’t wait to adventure with you all! 
Interests: Downhill Skiing, Fly Fishing, Camping, Backpacking, Hammocking, SUP, Kayaking, Amateur Fly Tying, and Jesus <3
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Floating the Blackfoot river in the middle of fall, the colors were absolutely SPECTACULAR!

Chris profile pictureMajor: Nursing
Bio: I am from Portland, OR where the PNW fostered my love and adoration for the outdoors. I came to Carroll for the Nursing program and the close proximity to all things outdoors that we have here in Helena. Through all of the amazing people that I have met here I have been able to greatly expand my love for the outdoors and all of the activities that go along with it.
Interests: Skiing, fly fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, whitewater kayaking
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Whitewater rafting with the freshman, floating the Missouri River fly fishing, and taking a bus to Discovery ski resort.

Katelyn profile pictureMajor: Nursing
Bio/Interests: I was born and raised here in Helena, Montana. I live for new adventures and helping others find peace in the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, fishing, and backpacking. I love wildflowers and amazing sunsets. Come join us!
Interests: Backpacking, Fly Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Kayaking, Cross Country and Downhill Skiing, and Anything Wild.
Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Kayaking down the Green River in Moab, Utah for the CAMP Spring Break Trip and the cross country skiing trips.

David profile pictureMajor: Civil Engineering
Bio: I grew up on a farm in Greencreek, ID, where I spent seven days a week outside hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, playing in the dirt, and occasionally getting paid to do it. When I’m not outside I enjoy reading or hanging out with friends planning the next adventure. I also love Jesus and the only thing that can stop me from going outside is an opportunity to grow in relationship with God. See y’all on the next adventure!
Interests: Hiking, fishing, skiing, rock climbing, camping, peak bagging, whitewater rafting, trying new things
Favorite C.A.M.P Memory: Easter Break camping and rock climbing at City of the Rocks. It snowed four inches in two days, and we prepped food in the back of our car because it was so cold.

Ben profile pictureMajor: Nursing
Bio: I am from Anchorage, Alaska where I grew up. 
Interests: climbing, skiing, running, reading and chess.
Favorite C.A.M.P Memory: Easter Break climbing at the city of rocks where everyone told me they were so hungry. I cook accordingly. They then eat maybe a ¼ of the food. This taught me how, no matter what, people will always let you down!

Josh profile pictureMajor: Computer Information Systems
Bio/Interests: I was born and raised in Boulder, Montana. I spent 16 Years in the Military. It has led me around the world. The best day is when there is an adventure.  
Interests: Whitewater Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting, Skydiving, Backpacking, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Downhill Skiing, and Anything Wild.
Favorite C.A.M.P. memory: Canoeing down the Green River in Moab, Utah for the CAMP Spring Break Trip. This is what started my new journey as a Camp Leader.

Chloe profile pictureMajor: Civil Engineering 
Bio: I am from Genoa, Il which doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for outdoor adventures. I decided to head west to become a whitewater rafting guide and fell in love with the river. Since being out here, it introduced me to many more activities that I have really enjoyed and incorporated into my life. I am always down for a good adventure!
Interests: Whitewater Rafting, Rock Climbing, Hiking, XC skiing, Downhill Skiing, Camping, and trying new things.
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Hiking Devils Glen on the Dearborn river, we had the perfect weather, great views all around, and an awesome crew! Also, any overnight trip where it rained or snowed.

Gus profile pictureMajor: Psychology, minor in anthrozoology
Bio: I am from Bainbridge Island, WA where fishing is abundant. I came to MT to continue my passion for fishing and to explore a different scenery. I have met so many great people who love to go on adventures and enjoy nature.
Interests: Fishing, skiing, snowboarding, anything outside, basketball, art, and music
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Ice fishing on Canyon Ferry lake. The ice is very thick and makes crazy sounds while fishing. It was very cold and not many fish were caught, but something about being out on a frozen lake is very exciting.

Martha profile pictureMajor: Civil Engineering 
Bio: I grew up in Bend, OR where the Cascades ignited my love for the outdoors. Although I grew up doing many outdoor activities, I learned the most about the outdoors while being a part of scouting BSA. If I’m not outdoors I’m either up to no good with friends or painting.
Interests: XC Skiing, Rock Climbing, Paddle Boarding, Hammocking, Hiking, Camping, Painting, and trying anything new.
Favorite C.A.M.P. Memory: Rock climbing in the city of rocks and going from freezing on day one to sunburnt on day four. Don’t forget your sunscreen kids.