Carroll Launches Aid Guarantee in Response to National FAFSA Delays

Estimates of Financial Aid Guaranteed

HELENA, MT – In a significant move to counter the widespread impact of the U.S. Department of Education's FAFSA processing delays, Carroll College has announced an innovative aid guarantee for prospective students. This initiative highlights the college's dedication to offering financial transparency and assistance, making certain that federal delays do not disrupt students' educational goals.

The delays in the FAFSA simplification rollout have left many students nationwide in limbo, unable to make informed decisions regarding their higher education choices. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Carroll College, a leading private, residential liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies, is stepping forward with a solution.

A Proactive Approach to Student Aid

Carroll College is proud that nearly 100 percent of its students receive comprehensive financial aid packages, combining need-based and merit-based support, affirming the college's status as a highly affordable option within the region. With the current delays pushing back the delivery of FAFSA results, Carroll has created a proactive solution by offering an "Estimated Cost of Attendance" to prospective students and their families. This estimate will include a guaranteed amount of Carroll College gift aid, offering a reliable source of financial assurance during these critical decision-making months.

Upon submitting their FAFSA forms, students and their families are provided with a Student Aid Index (SAI). Carroll will utilize the SAI to create a cost estimate for students, including Carroll gift aid. This initiative places Carroll College at the forefront of addressing the federal delays, ensuring that families can plan for their educational future.

"In these challenging times, it's more important than ever to provide stability and clarity to our prospective students and their families. Our 'Estimated Cost of Attendance' is not just a number—it's a commitment to transparency and support as we navigate these delays together," said Janet Riis, Director of Financial Aid, Carroll College.

At Carroll College, we’ve been closely monitoring the U.S. Department of Education’s FAFSA simplification, a major overhaul of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With the overhaul has come news that colleges will not receive student data used to compile financial aid offers in a timely manner.

For any prospective student that has filled out the FAFSA and been accepted into the college, Carroll will use their Student Aid Index (SAI), which is on their FAFSA completion confirmation email from Federal Student Aid, to estimate a financial aid offer– and Carroll pledges the College gift aid is guaranteed financial aid!* Just forward your Federal Student Aid, FAFSA confirmation email to and we will send you the estimate.

*Federal aid is not guaranteed but is based on the final official FAFSA received.
*Athletic Aid received after the estimated offer may cancel or reduce the estimated Carroll gift aid.

A Commitment to Excellence and the Future of Montana

Carroll College's recent campaign, "Carroll College: Montana’s #1 College," highlights its leading position in various academic and economic contributions to the state. From the highest graduation and medical school placement rates to the lowest student loan default rate and highest graduate lifetime earnings in Montana, Carroll College is setting the standard for academic excellence and student success. The college's efforts to launch a Physician Assistant master’s degree program by 2026, pending accreditation review, further demonstrate its dedication to meeting Montana's healthcare needs.

A Call for Action and Support

The significant lag in FAFSA filing rates in Montana, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education, underscores the urgency for innovative solutions like Carroll College's aid guarantee. As Montana's oldest Catholic diocesan college, Carroll is committed to serving the state's students and addressing their needs promptly and effectively. By offering a faster pathway to financial aid information, Carroll College is leading by example, showing that student success is the paramount goal.

For more information about Carroll College's financial aid initiatives and programs, please visit, email, or call 406-447-5427.