Men's and Women's Retreats

Off Campus
Men's and Women's Winter Retreats

Men's and Women's Retreats are the perfect way to kick off the new semester, deepening friendships in faith and shared adventure.  These retreats are open to all-- sign up now for an unforgettable weekend away from campus in the beauty of  God's creation.

  • Men's Retreat: Legendary Lodge, Salmon Lake MT
  • Women's Retreat: Camp Utmost, Potomac MT

If you have any questions or want more information contact Campus Ministry at or, or talk to the peer minister on your foor.


These retreats are a great opportunity for men and women to gather in an amazing place to discuss how we can grow closer to God together.

We have all sorts of fun lined up for the weekend, and we know that together with the beauty of the surroundings, and the great hearts that we have on campus, this retreat is ripe for some serious movement of the Spirit.

We will be taking time to hike and play in the snow, discuss and reflect on specific topics pertinent to being men and women of Christ, and just having a grande ole' time. Make sure that you spread the word, because this year's retreats are going to be awesome!

Because the weather may be questionable, and we will be enjoying the outdoors to the fullest, we strongly encourage you to come prepared for all types of weather. That means winter boots, warm coats, snow pants, hats, mittens, scarves, warm sleeping bags, and cardigans...but seriously, dress warmer than you ever have. If there is any equipment you don't have (ie boots, warm sleeping bag) let us know and we will be on the lookout to try and find you some.