Halloween Guides Needed

Carroll Campus
O'Connell Mary Statue
Halloween Guides

Carroll College is looking for approximately 10 students who would be interested in volunteering to be trick-or-treat tour guides for Broadwater Elementary School students/teachers on Tuesday,October 31, 2023 from noon-2:30pm. The tour lasts about an hour. 

Before you sign up to volunteer, make sure it fits in your schedule. There are approximately 260 children arriving to trick-or-treat on the Carroll campus. The elementary students usually come in five or six groups with multiple classrooms, each person/team will escort a group of teachers and students to the different candy stops (approximately 23) around the Carroll campus. A list of stops and directions will be provided. 

Dressing up is encouraged and the elementary students love it! 

If you wish to guide with a friend please let me know when you respond. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Kathy Gilboy kagilboy@carroll.edu. Please let me know your availability between the noon-2:30 time slot.