Day Pilgrimage Hike

Carroll Campus
All Saints Chapel
Day Pilgrimage Hike


This is a prayer-filled day hike for Carroll students and young adults. Pilgrimage is part of the Catholic spirituality: to prayerfully travel on foot to a religious site in fellowship with others. Just 70 miles south of Helena, there is the fourth-largest statue in the United States. This statue is called "Our Lady of the Rockies", and it is a statue of Mary the Mother of God. This site is an inspiration for many in Montana and the west, and there is a chapel at the mountaintop where the statue resides. Saturday,  October 7th is the feast of the Rosary and the feast of Our Lady of Victory. In honor of this day, we will hike up the east ridge in Butte, pray the rosary and stations of the cross, and receive a presentation from the two men who built the statue, Leroy Lee & Geno Duran. We will be accompanied on the hike by Dirk Nelson, a Cathedral parishioner and regular volunteer with Our Lady of the Rockies.

  • 7 am - Meet at the Campus Ministry Lounge
  • 8:30 am - Mass at St. Anne's Parish in Butte
  • 9 am - Park in the Skyline Dog Park
  • 4 pm - We should be back down to our cars by 4pm.

The hike is about 2,000 vertical feet. Be prepared for a very difficult all-day hike. Bring sufficient water (lots of water!), shoes, and clothing for the approximate 3 hour hike up, 2 hours at the top, and 2 hours back down. Pack your own snacks. Bring a prayer intention or two for the day written down on a small piece of paper. 
For further questions before the event contact or during the event at (509) 440-1210

You must register at this link:


You must bring a filled-out Carroll College Acknowledgement of Risk form the day of the event to hand into Campus Ministry.

If you sign up by October 5th, lunch will be provided. If later than that, then pack your own.

Fill out the form online if you would like to go. There is no cost. We need some student drivers who are willing to transport other students down to Butte and back in their cars. Let me know if you would be willing to do that as soon as possible. Meet at the Campus Ministry Lounge at 7am on Saturday morning to carpool over. Only pre-approved student drivers are authorized to drive others down for this event.

For further questions, contact Chris Yakawich at before the hike or (509) 440 - 1210 the day of the hike.