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Director of Facilities | Facilities and Grounds
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My name is Daniel Byrd, and I made my way to Carroll College via family tradition. My parents met here in the late 70’s early 80’s and all but one of my siblings have attended Carroll at one point or another. My dad (11 of 12) was preceded by most of his eleven siblings and attended school with his youngest brother and nine of his nieces and nephews and a younger brother. My mom was also preceded at Carroll by five of her nine siblings and attended at the same time as her younger sister. All said and done I am roughly the 100th person in my extended family to have attended Carroll College, so it means a lot to me and my family!

I am a graduate of the Centennial Class of 2010. I completed a bachelor’s in Accounting from Carroll then graduated in 2011 from the University of Montana with a Master’s in Business Administration. After graduating from my master’s, I came back to Helena and worked for Anderson ZurMuehlen for seven years as an auditor and tax preparer. In that time at Anderson ZurMuehlen, I helped audit both the Annual Financial Aid and the Annual Financial Statement audits of Carroll College. So when I had the opportunity to join the Business Office at Carroll College in January of 2017, I made the jump. After several months working in the business office on grants and budgeting, the Assistant Director of Facilities position opened up and I moved in-house to the Facilities Department to be Butch Biskupiak’s right hand. It has been a wild ride since moving to Facilities but it’s the best job I have ever had. I grew up doing maintenance and building homes with my immediate family so the work is familiar and something I really enjoy. As of July 2023 I took over from Butch and I am now the Director of Facilities overseeing maintenance, custodial, grounds, event setup, and all new construction.