Care Package & Linen Programs

Support your student with our care programs

Carroll College Community Living partners with On Campus Marketing to provide quality care packages and residence hall bedding and décor for our students.

Not sure where to find XL Twin sheets? Look no further! On Campus Marketing provides a wide array of colors and patterns for students to choose from to deck out their new homes, as well as a plethora of other items to help make their new room a place that reflects their personality.

Parents can also choose to send a variety of care packages to their students throughout the year. For the parents that want to take care of everything all at once, they can choose the "Year Full of Love" Care Package Plan that will automatically send their son or daughter care packages at strategic times of year, or they can go on at any time to send specialty items such as birthday cakes.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase come back to Community Living and are spent on student programming and residence hall equipment.

Thank you for your support!